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Here is our story: In spring 2021 we met Lucia Cortes Soltmann at a sesh in Mauerpark. She was filming a “How to Heelflip” video for Skatesencia with our good friend Julia Kühne. We got to talking and we were directly deeply impressed by Skatesencia and Lucia. Among other things, she told us that she was working on a collage project with the artist Julien Paccard, in which 36 people from the Skatesencia environment had drawn sketches of spots that would now be put together. We immediately recognized a connecting element, namely our interest in the connection between skateboarding and art, and made Lucia the proposal to offer the collage also as a deck graphic. Lucia was enthusiastic about this idea and the foundation stone for a first, joint project was laid. After a few more meetings with Lucia and Julien the realization was clear and we started. In just a few weeks the collage and a few more weeks later 50 Curare x SKATESENCIA collage decks were ready. We thank Lucia and Julien from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful joint project and are very much looking forward to more projects, events and exhibitions in the future. We are honored to have these two unique people at Curare’s side! Thank you Lucia and Julien! Furthermore, we would like to thank everyone who was involved in this great project! Collage: Julien Paccard Video: Julien Paccard Recording: Julien Paccard Images: Julien Paccard