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Juan-Pablo Villacura was born in Chile in 1986, currently lives and works in Münster, Germany. His abstract paintings are multi-compositions of many individual pictorial elements that invite the viewer to discover new details again and again but also work very well as a whole. A composition of iconographies beyond symbol and meaning: lines and arcs, areas of color and free spaces, blots and spots, shading or graffiti. The abstract and varied composition of colors and shapes speaks directly to the viewer and even if there is nothing specific to recognize remains much room for interpretation. They are collages of irregular shapes and colors that have neither causality nor hierarchy. Juan-Pablo Villacura sees the origin for the energy of his paintings in his time in Chile. Growing up in an environment of economic and social challenges in everyday life required some stamina and therein lies the strength of his artistic creation. Even though this energy is within him, he manages to maintain his desire and hunger to break the natural path and not fit into social parameters, for example, by listening to chilean rap, and to foster his creativity. Furthermore, Juan-Pablo makes use of everyday things in his artistic creation process. So it can be for example the color of a passing car, in which Juan-Pablo sees an impulse, that this intended to him succeed. Juan-Pablo finds a balance and at the same time the possibility to achieve new solutions and perspectives in nature as well as in the relationship to and time with his children. He sees therein a necessity not to lose himself too much in his art or to alienate. We thank Juan-Pablo from the bottom of our hearts for the great collaboration and are happy that this project could give inspiration for further decks.

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