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Curare is a skateboard brand founded by skateboarders in early 2021 in Berlin, Germany. The close network to artists and the diverse skateboarding community around Curare has been growing steadily ever since. It succeeded in only a short time to attract national as well as international attention and interest. We see ourselves as an interface between skateboarding / art and promote mutual exchange. Both cultures and their protagonists can inspire and enrich each other. We celebrate everything positive about skateboarding and will promote it and collaborate with the skateboarding community and different, international artists.

The skateboard as a canvas offers enormous potential and it is an extremely exciting format. We curate international artists and invite them to design our skateboards. We give the artists a free hand in their work. Personal, creative development is important to us. In collaboration with international artists of different styles and design techniques, unique artworks are created. We also try to incorporate new technologies and other art forms into our portfolio and create state-of-the-art skateboard artworks. By selling the original artworks we support the artists and give them visibility. We organize exhibitions and show selected artworks in international galleries together with our partners. Even though our exhibitions are organized in an inclusive way, it is our ambition to go one step further. Just like skateboarding, art belongs in public space and should be accessible to as many people as possible. In a special process we digitize the artworks and produce a limited amount of Art Print Skateboards. We also offer these Art Prints for sale and our wish is that they will be skated. Together with our community we transform the access to art and bring it into the public space.

We want to make skateboarding accessible to all. We are about community. Skateboarding is a skill that is available to all regardless of age, sex, gender, race and ability. Come as you are, skate together, respect and help each other. Skateboarding is a gift for us but unfortunately it is not accessible to everyone. With our resources and privileges, we try to change that and make this experience possible for as many people as possible. We work together with the local community in countries like Morocco or Bangladesh and try to make inclusive skateboarding possible there.
Furthermore, through skateboarding we hope to raise awareness for a more ecological and sustainable lifestyle. We offer an upcycling project for old skateboards and consciously avoid needless merchandise. Instead, we offer high-quality and fairly produced slow fashion.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Your Curare Team