We have made it our mission to merge skateboarding + art and combine two scenes that are characterized by diversity, self-confidence, openness and passion in their creations. We do have the feeling that a closer union is an exciting project and important step. Both cultures and their creators can inspire and enrich each other.

We see the skateboard as a canvas and give selected artists a free hand in the design. Personal, creative development is important to us and the results are always unique. The artists paint a very limited number of CURARE skateboards, which are then presented and sold by us in organized exhibitions.

Because we are not interested in the exclusivity of the gallery space only we produce limited replicas of the artworks, too. You can become the curator as well and represent the artists in your environment.

Based in Berlin we do support and work with national skateboard related projects.

Because we value a mindful approach and think that old decks do not have to end up in the trash, we have launched an upcycling project. We take back old skateboards and in return we give a discount in our online store. With the collected decks we support Skateboardcreations, who transforms them into beautiful coffee accessories.

We do support the members of the Impossible e.V. not only with exclusive prices for our products, we also assist them in realizing exciting projects. Together we are committed to making skateboarding accessible to everyone and to creating new parks that are contemporary and inclusive.