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Gabriele Bruns lives and works in the vibrant district of Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, Germany. She is one of the well-known contemporary artists and her work is significantly influenced by the French post-war artist Jean Dubuffet and the street art artist Banksy. Just like Gabriele, we believe that art should be accessible to all and we carry the idea of inclusion within us. We see participation as an important task for society and for everyone involved. Gabriele describes the characteristics of her own works by “imperfection, grotesqueness, conspicuousness and triviality”. Coupled with the inclusive understanding, Gabriele’s paintings usually consist of many figures reflecting different characters. Her paintings are not gender specific and are completely expressive, moved by creativity and authenticity. Not man, not woman, not black, not white, not human, not animal. We recognize in this a positive and harmonious interplay and the beauty of diversity in this world. We thank Gabriele Bruns from the bottom of our hearts for the great collaboration and are very happy that we could inspire you also beyond this project for the canvas “Skateboard”.

Thank you Gabriele Bruns your support!

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