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Within the Vans Coco Loco weekend we showed some love teaming up with our friends from Skatesencia, hosting a special edition of the FLINTA “Conversation Circle” at Skatehalle Berlin. Providing blank skateboards for the creative workshop, we supported the talk with communities. The invited strong voices and participants of the “CC” discussed and worked in groups to design five boards around the themes of fear, community, mindset, diversity and healing. Once more a skateboard as a communication vehicle for strong messages and designs underlines the still existing stereotypes, challenges and developments within the “scene”. These unique artworks were exhibited as well as introduced with their full stories by the participants at the radio “Peng Peng 3” jam in Berlin and the day after at the Vans “Coco Loco” event at Skatehalle Berlin. Allowing a wider audience to develop an awareness of diversity, but also barriers in skateboarding. Continuously the five artworks will be offered for auction in the period from 5th of September, 2022 to 11th of September, 2022 and every Euro helps to support the outstanding group around Skatesencia and their above average social engagement. 100% of the profits will be donated to Skatesencia for their “Flintamentals” program!


Fear is the mind killer. We are afraid of falling, of hurting ourselves. Fear is the predecessor of pain. Physical and psychological pain. We are afraid of not skating good enough, not looking good enough, not being good enough. We are scared of aggressive, judgy cis-het boys and men. We are anxious of being laughed at, being misgendered, of being excluded. This is our fear. And we face it everyday.

Florence, Amelie, Melina, Lisa and Lara


The (skate) community we want is an open space to learn from each other’s differences and grow together. A space where we empower ourselves, have fun and care for everyone.

Chelsey, Nele Mai Lan and Angelina


Different states of energies, to be found in the body and mind, connected within. What does energy feel like? How can we preserve it? Can we get rid of energies that harm us?
In the process of creating this artwork we went on a journey through body and soul and we found answers in consent, relationships and appearance.
Check your attitude, hack your mind.

Veronika, Finja, Annan, Solli and Lens


Nature, people, plants and animals… we have to put care, effort and heart in the way we help our world grow. We all deserve peace, comfort, health and community.
Diversity is complex!
We want everyone to have visibility and to hold ourselves + institutions accountable to make better policies, actions and changes.


Healing is about finding yourself a better way!
It is about to take yourself on a journey:
To grow and take the time you need.

Ellen, Hannah, Steffi and Maria