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Dave the Chimp, Berlin based artist and skateboarder himself. His art can be seen in galleries and museums world wide. He is working as an illustrator for a variety of clients, directing pop videos, compiling books, and curating exhibitions. He made himself a name with various projects and it is an absolut honor to have him on board. Alongside leading names in the urban art scene, including Banksy, Blu, Miss Van, Swoon, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, and Zevs, Dave exhibited his art. He teamed up with Vans and he was the first UK artist to have his own artist model skateboard shoe. In 2009 a book of his work (Part Of Rebellion 2 – Dave the Chimp) was published by Publikat. He built his first concrete skateable sculpture “Papa und Ich” outside of the Bethanien, Berlin in 2011, and the wooden “friendship bowl” in the Awanganda Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland. He has since built the “Papa und Ich Spielplatz” skatepark in Milan, the “Troll Bridge Ramp” at La Condition Publique, Roubaix, France, and a 300 square metre course of assorted sculptures for his largest ever solo exhibition at the 800 square metre Zone Contemporaine in Bern, Switzerland in 2018. At the moment Dave is focused in the topics of change, encouraging exploration, protest culture and positive vibrations. With his “Human Bean” characters and his zine “Idiot Island” as the medium through which to go on this adventure.

Thank you Dave for an exciting collaboration!

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