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Omer Shatz lives and works in Tel Aviv. He has been artistically and creatively active for many years and has made a name for himself in the international tattoo scene. In addition to art on the human body, he skillfully implements his playful, cartoon-like drawings both digitally and with a brush and other utensils. The two artworks represent Omer’s artistic aspiration for harmony. The decks, when viewed individually, have far less impact than when viewed in conjunction. They seem to complement as well as repel each other. They create a conflict and reveal a contradiction, and yet, when combined, they are in harmony. Because of this friction, there is much room for interpretation for the viewer. He is confronted with reflecting his own ideal system and gives his own meaning to what he sees. We are very happy about Omer’s support and share his view: “Skateboarding for me was the best way to connect to a city once unknown, through skating I first called this place my home, and it’s been that way since my wheels hit the ground here.”

Thank you very much Omer Shatz for your support!

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