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Liisa Chisholm, London-based creative and skateboarder herself, should already be known to some. In 2018 she was part of the Vans x Vice “Class of Creators” and had a solo exhibition at Fiu Gallery in Shanghai. In 2019 she was part of the “Re:Ply x SkatePal” exhibition in London and in 2020 she enriched the Covent Garden Vans Boutique in London with her exhibition “Flower Show”. We are very happy to introduce you to this exciting person and to include her work in our first collection. Textile designer and illustrator Liisa Chisholm’s work is characterized by bold, playful and colorful motifs. You can quickly see her interest in new methods, materials, colours and patterns. She implements her ideas skillfully and always manages to inspire us. Liisa’s support from day 1 means a lot to us and her life-affirming, loving nature has brought us many moments of joy. The two unique artworks she created for Curare are a perfect fingerprint of Liisa and her art and we are very happy to share these two unique pieces with you.

Thank you Liisa! We are very much looking forward to a skate session together in the future. You are always a welcome guest in Berlin!

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