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Will Hadwen is an interdisciplinary artist from Wellington, New Zealand. He completed his Masters in Fine Arts at Massey University Wellington College of Creative Arts in 2017 and has been living and working in Berlin since 2019. An artist’s practice is a progression and reflects the times they are living in. Over the years Will’s work has ranged from immersive time-based installations to mediums better suited to the more restrictive lifestyle that has resulted from COVID-19. The body of work he has developed during the Berlin lockdowns draws from gestural abstract painting and contemplative drawing of sequences and complex textures. These paintings/ drawings document the artists thought processes and often take a long time to produce. The latest pieces produced on our skateboards are a fresh and unexpected direction for Will. As he has ridden cruiser boards for the past ten years, the works play on the spontaneity, the movement, the calm, the fun and the freedom of skating itself. We are honored to curate Will and share two beautiful artworks with you. His positive nature and support have brought us much joy and we have found a new friend in him.

Thank you very much Will Hadwen!

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