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MAKE ART, NOT WAR! – We have been deeply shaken by the past headlines and the war in the Ukraine. In addition to our private commitment, we also wanted to mobilize the Curare community and generate financial support for the people in Ukraine. On International Women’s Day we offered a free collage workshop together with the artist Daiana Platida and 12 participants created beautiful collage skateboards. These 13 unique pieces were up for auction until 13th of March, 2022 and we donated 100% of the sales to Ukraine.  Thank you for your love, sharing and support!

Participants: Daiana Platida, Sarah Settgast, Franziska & Madita Abele, Heidi Päßler , Kaya Jali, Lore Kuchenbecker, Matilda Albrecht, Lumi Wada, Greta Settgast, Milena Kober-Sinclair, Eri Wada, Isabel Brauner, Nari Abodan