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Timo Ladage lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His paintings are characterized by large-scale black / white meshes of diverse character, objects, symbols and detailed drawings. Timo often gives this interplay a graphic frame. From a distance, the recipient is dominated by the overall impression and in the approach he experiences the playful attention to detail in Timo’s art. It is not difficult to imagine how the images grow over hours and from the first point, the first line to a portfolio of various characters, emotions and things of everyday life. The images evolve from small to large and they do not give the viewer a direction from which to view the image. Timo twists and turns his images in the process, so that you get the feeling of looking at two different works of art as soon as you turn it, and the eye always finds something new. For Timo the creative process is of special importance and one would like to venture a parallel to the drawing of mandals. In hours of concentrated devotion, like a mediation, the artist reveals his inner world. Another intersection in the collaboration with Timo can be found in his passion for skateboarding. He has been an active skateboarder himself for years and has found a way to combine the creativity of skateboarding and the love of art in one. We are very happy about the collaboration with Timo and already have more projects in the pipeline. You can stay curious.

Thank you Timo for the great collaboration!

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