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Jennifer Egert is temporarily living and working in Berlin and originally based in Cologne, Germany, As a graduated natural scientist, her monochromatic works on paper as well as her multicoloured visuals on wood are abstract expressions of the flowing interplay of intuition and experiments using a variety of techniques, chemicals and (selfmade) painting materials. Gently floating between the spheres of art and science, the focus of her work is on the understanding of contrasts and self-regulating balance of processes on planet Earth as well as in her artworks – with the human mind and eyes moving somewhere between imagination and microscopic, aerial as well as telescopic perception. The core of her artistic approach therefore lies in interpreting the deeply touching beauty of organic structures in nature, eternally repeating themselves as fractals, textures and patterns – from chemical molecules to the human body up to aerial views of landscapes into our solar system and beyond. The collaboration with Jennifer has a very special meaning for us. When we were at the very beginning she made the first step and asked for a collaboration. Since then, we have experienced only positive moments together and at all times Jennifer’s support and belief in Curare.

Thank you dear Jenny from the bottom of our hearts!

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