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Corinne Vogel is a visual artist and lives in Thun, Switzerland, since 2016. In intensive painting processes, her expressionist works are created, which are both powerful and dynamic as well as exude a playful lightness. In the realization Corinne works preferably with oil and acrylic paint and supplements individual picture elements with charcoal or pastel chalk. In her works Corinne goes in search of tension and balance, lets impressions from her surroundings, the exchange with other people flow in and let them take shape on the for her new surface “skateboard”. Together with a wide range of colors, she creates a depth on both skateboards that resembles grown structures and gives the artworks a lively presence. Because of this creative process, the Thun artist’s works are immediate and carry with them a rawness that makes the energies of their creation process palpable. Her art pairs the abstract with the lifelike, creating an intimate encounter zone that can be experienced in a quiet moment. We are honored to curate this great person and an exciting artist and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her support.

Thank you Corinne Vogel for an exciting collaboration!

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