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We are very happy to share the event recap of the first event organized and hosted by Curare supported by Drop In e.V and Impossible e.V. We not only curate international artists of different styles but we are also committed to the versatility of the skateboarding community. We are very happy to see that the FLINTA scene is gaining more identity and visibility and we want to support that. For our first Curare event ever we cordially invited all women, inter people, non-binary people, trans people and agender people to participate. We were very happy about a strong field of 16 participants, some of whom had traveled from Munich and Marseille. Thank you all for being there! Despite Covid conditions the event was well attended and we had a great day together with great people. We were hyped by the respectful, supportive and friendly vibes during the whole day. We hope you also had a great day and as we are planning more events of this kind, we look forward to your feedback and support.

Participants: Hanna Baumbusch, Julia Kühne, Janis Billon, Melika Nazari, Mara Krachten, Lucia Cortes Soltmann, Theresa Höschl, Merle Bonn, Beatrice La Rocca, Alice Di Pinto, Florence Ulrich Adcocks, Lea Meny