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Klebebande, Berlin-based artist collective consisting of Bodo Höbing, Kolja “NkoBu” Bultmann and Bruno “BeezeBoe” Ridderbusch, have been designing urban living spaces since the 90s. Three years ago, in accordance with the motto “Tape is the new Paint,” they dedicated themselves entirely to tape art. Since then, they have been designing spaces, installations as well as facades nationally and internationally and are now considered as German pioneers in the field of tape art. In the work of the Klebebande they merge their design roots of Graffiti with vector-based illustrations. In combination with the special nature of tape as a medium of implementation, the characteristic style of Klebebande is created. For the design of the three Curare skateboards, Bodo, Kolja and Bruno combine the tape with different foils, spraying and painting techniques as well as the abstract with the figurative, straight lines with flat shapes, creating an innovative, contemporary mix of stylistic elements, design and fine art in their very own and special way. Experimentation with materials and content drives the three artists in their creative development and so the paths of Klebebande and CURARE inevitably led together.

Thank you Klebebande for your support and an exciting collaboration!

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