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Vicky Anna Lardschneider lives and works in Munich, Germany. Her abstract paintings are mainly large-format and consist of many detailed layers of different techniques and creative processes. She likes to leave the colors to their natural course and intervenes only specifically towards completion of a work of art.  According to Vicky, her artworks arise from emotional motivations, followed by scientific research. For Vicky, we are all part of the big picture and responsible for our active actions as well as passivity and silence – in large as well as small scale. Nothing has such a grip on us and our sphere of life as the power of nature. And yet mankind tries again and again to make nature its subject. In the style of abstract painting Vicky thematizes the fatal effect of human intervention in nature. For this she chooses the bird’s eye view and her artworks resemble map-like landscapes. In this way Vicky processes her fast-moving environment and her external impressions. By changing the perspective, Vicky gives the viewer the chance to look at the essentials from a distance that provides a good overview without losing sight of the important whole. Pause, come to rest, take in, breathe deeply, form an opinion. This approach, the view from a distance on the circumstances but also the immediate proximity to nature are the recognition feature Vicky’s artwork. “I see creativity and art as a great opportunity to point out grievances and wonders that often pass us by too quickly in everyday life and receive no attention at all.” – we absolutely agree with Vicky and greatly appreciate her support.

Thank you Vicky for an exciting collaboration!

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