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Franziska Raffaël was born in Bonn and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her artistic work is strongly tied to her inner state at the time of creation, producing two distinct bodies of work. In the geometric works, Raffaël uses the canvas to externalize recurring internal struggle. Sadness, doubts, depression. By meticulously taping, spraying, glueing, scraping the surface, the creation itself is a fight, but once a work is finished, Raffaël breathes freely again. These are “after the fact” paintings, an attempt to issue control, of reflecting on and solving non-organized, non-linear emotions. Seemingly counter-intuitive, the free-flowing pieces only emerge when her mind is at ease, joyful, her intentions clear. Color schemes are set, mental blueprints prepared. Clarity on the inside allows her to let go on the outside, on the canvas. The resulting pieces are lively, approachable. Connecting the two is her choice of colors, medium and structure, influenced by Raffaël’s chosen hometown Berlin.

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