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We are extremely happy and grateful for the following collaborative project with our friends from SOA Paris. At the 8th of March we invited you to celebrated community with us in Berlin and Barcelona. First of all we would like to thank everyone involved – special thanks goes out to our family in Barcelona Jessy, Camilo and Leo. We are very grateful for a wonderful day and all the support! During two community events in both cities we hosted inclusive creative workshops and painted 2×5 decks with the topics: acceptance / equality / safety / inclusivity and variety. Our idea was to design the boards in small groups for the community in the other city to connect and inspire each other across boarders. The participants were very diverse and the exchange was very exciting. At the end of the day 10 unique and very personal artworks were created and we are excited to share them with you very soon. The 10 decks will be exhibited in Berlin and Barcelona later this year. We hope to have enriched and solidified diversity and inclusion of our communities and look forward to more events!Thank you for the support!