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As part of the FLINTASTIK JAM in Copenhagen organized by Raisa Abal and Steffi Wolter from Dolores Magazin , we were invited to host a creative workshop paired with a conversation circle together with our friends from Skatesencia represented by Lucia Cortes Soltmann. Leading a Conversation Circle with people you don’t know might feel a bit awkward, but it felt like home in Copenhagen. How lovely it is to be in a space where everyone can express themselves and listen to each other?! The topic of the conversation was the importance of having flinta* spaces focused on the skate scene. The creative part of the workshop got off to a slow start and some of the participants first had to familiarize themselves with the materials. After the first attempts at cutting and test printing, things quickly escalated. Motifs and colors were combined, new shades were mixed and unique and wonderful T-shirts were created. Both the participants and we were impressed by the great results. We would like to thank everyone involved and appreciate the positive feedback!  Can’t wait to the next one!