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Elisa Klinkenberg lives and works in Berlin, Germany. As part of our collaboration with Viva con Aqua at the INCorporating Artfair in Hamburg, we had the pleasure of meeting the artist – a dynamic, very loving person with an exciting story, which she takes up and processes in her art. A few years ago, Elisa was looking for a creative balance to her job at the time. With old painting utensils of her mother she started to paint freely, the starting point of an exciting journey and the moment when Elisa indirectly decided to become an artist. On this creative journey, she lets us participate in social media or live painting as on the Inc. A former professional tennis player, she had to end her career years ago for health reasons. Elisa picks up on this incident and has made it a kind of trademark in her art: an imprint of an inked tennis ball on the canvas. We recognize an exciting intersection in our understanding of skateboarding and Elisa’s associations of the concept of art: “imagination, creation, slowing down and personal development” – We are looking forward to further projects!

Thank you dear Elisa for your support!

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