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Theodosia Marchant was born in Athens and now lives in Los Angeles. In her paintings, the expressive figurative artist explores the nature of human existence. In doing so, she creates a very expressive energy, coupled with a lively and playful dynamism. Nude figures in composition with vines and leaves, intertwined so that it is never clear where the bodies begin or end. Theodosia creates figures that are determined and confident, exploring sexuality and identity through the perspective and gaze of women. The colour choices and compositions are bold and imposing, reflecting the strength of the stories she tells. In addition to works in black and white, Theodosia’s works are also rich in colour, from greys to earthy tones to broad colours. Each combination evokes different sensory responses and moods. It has been an honour to work with Theodosia and we look forward to more projects.

Thank you Theodosia for the inspiring collaboration!

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