Curare x Dave the chimp – Artwork #2



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One of two unique artworks by Dave the chimp. “Set yourself Free” – a cry to the youth, and a nod to Gabe Morford’s 1995 portrait of Keith Hufnagel. An absolute enrichment not only for every collector and skateboard lover but also for your private gallery.

  • 7 ply Canadian maple
  • single/cold pressed
  • resin epoxy construction
  • 3 stained layers
  • colors variate

Curare skateboards are made of Canadian maple, whose wood has always been the best for skateboards due to its stability and durability.The decks are single pressed and by the use of epoxy resin plus the slow drying, without the supply of heat (cold pressed), our decks have a strong and especially durable pop.Not only our Art Prints are very colorful, but 3 of the 7 layers are color stained (bottom, middle and top), too. The color tones may vary.