31/07/21 - CURARE FINAT miniramp contest

We are very happy to share the event recap of the first event organized and hosted by CURARE + Drop in e.V. + Impossible e.V.

We not only curate international artists of different styles but we are also committed to the versatility of the skateboard scene. We are very happy to see that the finta scene is gaining more identity and visibility and we want to support that.

For our first CURARE event ever we cordially invited all women, inter people, non-binary people, trans people and agender people to participate.

We were very happy about a strong field of 16 participants, some of whom had traveled from Munich and Marseille. Thank you all for being there!

Despite Covid conditions the event was well attended and we had a great day together with great people. We were hyped by the respectful, supportive and friendly vibes during the whole day. We hope you also had a great day and as we are planning more events of this kind, we look forward to your feedback and support.


See you soon!

  • Hannah Baumbusch
  • Julia Kühne
  • Janis Billon
  • Melika Nazari
  • Mara Krachten
  • Lucia Cortes
  • Theresa Höschl
  • Merle Bonn
  • Beatrice La Rocca
  • Alice Di Pinto
  • Florence Ulrich Adcocks
  • Lea Meny
  • Drop In e.V.
  • Impossible e.V.
  • Skatehalle Berlin
  • Vans Europe
  • Bluetomate
  • Iriedaily
  • Suckmytrucks
  • Aevor
  • Goly Griptape
  • Judges: Kim Wibbelt, Rodney (Steven Panzer), Kristina Werth
  • Images: Patrick Engfer
  • Video: Dennis Truong, Linda Ritterhoff



“Skateboarding is not just a hobby, it’s a passion – the same as having an amazing Espresso. Being in love with both I made a tamper out of one of my old skateboards for my wife. Having that tamper posted for fun on instagram I soon figured that many people even throughout the world are amazed by the beautiful bold colors and the spirit that comes with those broken skateboards. It’s just to sad to throw them away – They are still alive and on top 100% unique and handmade. Whether they are still under your feet or being upcycled for pressing espresso, holding surfboards, beautiful shift knobs & much more – they will always make you smile.”

Jens, Skateboardcreations


Please reduce your waste and return your old decks. We forward them to Jens from Skateboardcreations and support his exciting project. In return we do offer a discount in our online store for your next order.


If you are interested in supporting CURARE and Skateboardcreation by reducing your waste please get in touch with us.

Thank you in advance!