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Bond Truluv is a German multimedia artist with origins in graffiti. He currently lives in Leipzig and can be seen on exhibitions and walls worldwide. His outstanding creativity and playful experimentation are impressive and he is constantly working with different materials such as canvases, installations, videomapping and long exposure photography. In addition, forms of fine art and graphic design flow into his works, and he does not stop at new technologies. Bond Truluv is the first graffiti artist to incorporate augmented reality (AR) animation into his works, further pushing the boundaries of contemporary urban art and creating spectacularly vivid imagery. For quite some time, Bond Truluv has been wowing us with his artwork and his support means a lot to us. Together with artist and skateboarder Bond Truluv, we are the first brand to bring AR to skateboards. To experience all the dimensions and experience the artwork in its entirety you could use the APP “Artivive”. We greatly appreciate Bond Truluv’s support and are inspired and grateful in equal measure. Augmented Reality (AR) implemented in skateboard graphics has not existed in this way before. We see a lot of potential in it and are already working on further projects. We share the passion to create and to evolve during the process.

Thank you Bond Truluv for your support!

By buying the artworks, you support the artists and make further great collaborations happen. Thank you for your support!