There is so much beautiful art and only a limited space to present it. We want to change that!

We think that art does not only belong in the exclusive space of a gallery, but should be carried into the public space and made accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have made it our mission to continue the symbiosis of art and skateboarding to achieve an enrichment of both scenes.

We invite artists to paint on our decks and present their art on the canvas “Skateboard”. The results are unique artworks which we share with you digitally but also in exhibitions around the globe.

In a special process we digitize these artworks and produce 50 replicas to skate. This way we provide the opportunity for the artists to make their art accessible to a larger audience.

We combine two scenes that are characterized by diversity, self-confidence, openness and passion in their work. We support both cultures and their creators to inspire and enrich each other.

CURARE tries to show the versatility in art and we are always looking for great artists without limitation to genres or styles.


Circylar Gallery

13th – 19th of September 2021

Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

We feel honored to exhibit the beautiful artworks of:

Corinne Vogel
Elisa Valenti
Gabriele Bruns
Gregor Flother
Jennifer Egert
Juan-Pablo Villacura
Liisa Chisholm
Omer Shatz
Timo Ladage
Vicky Lardschneider
Will Hadwen

Willow Wildgrube

Thanks to everyone for a great week!


Work in progress…